Places to Visit in Dapoli

Travel is not about visiting a place but exploring it. Explore Dapoli with Pprom Holidays!

Once you arrive at Dapoli, you just can’t feel tired. This place naturally and inexplicably gives energy that just never ceases to pour out. With its pleasant temperature, this place is known as the Mini- Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra. For travel mongers, this place just engulfs you into exploring it. You can arrive at the Janak Jambha Nagari, check-in at the serene villas, and begin exploring- from the inviting lush green to the refreshing breeze.

Some places are a must explore-

  1. Panhalekaji or Panhalakaji Caves

A group of almost 29 caves, the Buddhist caves are a wonder to watch. It is believed that the construction of these caves began around the 3rd Century, after which it only continued to develop into what it is today. There are a lot of inscriptions in Dhamma and Devnagari scripts. There are idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati. These caves are rich in culture, architecture, and history. Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours are required to explore the group of caves.

2. Parshuram Bhumi

Parshuram Bhumi is a hilltop famous for its endearing view. One’s attention is caught by the 21 feet tall statue of Lord Parshuram installed on top of one-half of a globe that has a diameter of 40 feet. To add to the scenic beauty is the mesmerizing view of the Tamas Teertha and the surrounding region. The ancient Parshuram temple is located amidst a group of five temples between Ade and Kelshi. The architecture is from the reign of the Peshwa. Interestingly, all the temples are facing east! Along with the main temple of Parshuram, this complex also houses the temples of Lord Shiva temple, Goddess Renuka, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vetal, and Lord Shani. 

3. The Harnai Port

The Harnai port is a natural harbor. Situated 17km from Dapoli, Harnai Port consists of two forts – Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurga. Kanakdurga is the land fort while Suvarnadurg is the sea fort. You can ask a fisherman to take you to the fort on the ferry. Besides, it is a huge fish market. It is a site to watch the sellers bid their auction, People wait for the fisherman to come back with a plentiful catch. The fish is auctioned and the best bid gets the catch. The entire transaction is in cash. Opens at 4.30pm.

4. Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple at Anjarle

The Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple is an excellent exemplar of Peshwa architecture. Its location is breathtaking and visitors often remark that it is ideally constructed with abundant nature and beauty surrounding it. To the west, is a vast sea; the Anjarle village is surrounded by dense coconut grooves, and the view of the lofty mountains leaves anyone awe-struck. One can just not have enough of the scenic beauty. Besides, the temple itself is alluring. The idol of Lord Ganesh is almost 4 feet tall with figures of Riddhi and Siddhi carved to the right and left. The Temple is believed to be 600 years old. 

5. Beaches

Dapoli is a coastal region. Hence, it is naturally blessed with many beaches. There are 11-12 beaches in Dapoli. The best thing about Dapoli is its clean, serene, and captivating beaches. You can go for a swim, take a stroll, build sand castles with your kids and spend a holiday time with your family to these less crowded beaches. Visit the best beaches at Dapoli- Murud Beach, Ladghar Beach, Harnai Beach, Anjarle Beach, and many more.

Book with Pprom Holidays to visit interesting places in Dapoli and make memories forever. 

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