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Dapoli is known as the Mini Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra. Situated right on the Konkan belt, Dapoli is about 216kms away from Mumbai. It is one of the famous places to visit near Mumbai. A 5hour adventurous drive is what it takes to reach this pleasant destination. Dapoli is also known for its scenic beauty and the pleasant climate. It is covered with fruit bearing trees and colourful flowering plants. The climate remains cool almost all the seasons of the year. Dapoli is meant to have the cleanest beaches in Konkan around 12 beaches are found in Dapoli which are unexplored till date. Harnai Port in Dapoli is one of the largest fish markets in the Konkan belt. Dapoli is also a place of historical evidence witnessing many forts, caves, hot water springs, temples and churches which belong to the 2nd and 3rd century.
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Kadyawarcha Ganpati

Anjarle is famous for the wish blesser Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple. It is believed that the pilgrims to this temple experience a serene and holiness for worship. Which means Lord Ganesha is situated on a little clif. The Anjarle Beach is right beside this temple.

Dolphin Watching

Go Dolphin Spotting in Dapoli at Murud Beach. The beach is clean and you often can spot dolphins very close In the sea. A number of water sports and activities also take place on the beach. You can go for a 1 and half hour drive to watch the dolphin dancing in the sea.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar is yet another amongst the cleanest beaches of Maharashtra. Go dolphin spotting on Ladghar. A perfect beach for couples with a mesmerizing scenic view.

Parshuram Temple

Parshuram Temple is one of the famous tourist place in Dapoli. Its an erect statue of Lord Parshuram standing on the globe. One cannot miss this beautiful wonder out from sight. A straight 21 feet statue standing over the sphere. A must visit place in dapoli.

Panhale Kaji Caves

These are one of the oldest caves found in Dapoli. They belong to the 2nd century. You see remains of the Pandavas and Buddhist dynasty here in the caves. A stretch of 29 caves stands besides a river. If you love history then this is a must place to visit to get yourself sunk in the history of Old India.

Harnai Fish Market

Harnai is one of the largest fishing ports in Dapoli. The fishes are caught and auctioned in bulk everyday at 16.30 in the evening. The surrounding areas like Mahabaleshwar purchase the fishes from this port. You see a wide variety of big and small sea fishes getting auctioned here.

Cashew Factory

Do you love cashews? Have you ever seen how a cashew gets processed in a cashew factory? If not Pprom Holidays offer you a chance to witness the cashew processing in a factory. The stay at JJN also facilitates factory visits for a local factory experience. You can shop for fresh cashews at the processing unit.

Watermelon Farm

Organic watermelons hard to find? At Dapoli you can see watermelon growing in the fields. Eat and enjoy the juicy refreshing taste right on the field.

Water Park

This tourist place is located very close to Janak Jamba Nagari. It is called the Maratha Darbar. Constructed as per the Maratha regime theme, this water park is a do to thing if your kids want to enjoy some water splash. Various water slides, swimming pool, sky cycling and rain dance. The entry fee to this park is just Rs. 100/- only.

Murud Beach

Murud beach is the beach for all family activities. You can do water sports, go for a camel ride, do sand biking enjoy the chat stalls on the beach. A perfect family destination. Do visit the beach to witness the glimmering sunset.

Keshavraj Temple

An excellent place for nature lovers. Walk in the trail of nature to visit this temple. Surrounded with mossy trees, the architecture and pleasant atmosphere grabs your attention.

Dabhol Jetty

Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli tahashil. Dabhol port is used for ishing boats & for ferry services between Dabhol – Veldur, Dabhol-Govalkot

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